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Used Inventory at Doug Henry Ford of Ayden

Are you a North Carolina driver considering buying a used vehicle? Whether you're considering a used vehicle for its potentially lower payments, the number of features you can get for the price, or the depreciation aspect, drivers can look to Doug Henry Ford of Ayden for a wide range of used vehicles! Whether you're considering a used crossover, SUV or truck vehicle to fill in as a family vehicle or you're looking for a commuter vehicle, there's likely at least one model at Doug Henry Ford of Ayden to meet driver's needs!

What Can These Used Models Do for You in North Carolina?

Not only do we carry the used models from Ford, but we also have off-brand models for you in Ayden. When you're looking for the right vehicle for your commute, you know that you can count on us to get it for you. With this variety, including crossover, SUV or truck models, you're sure to find what you need within your budget right here at Doug Henry Ford of Ayden.

Test Drive Your Next Used Vehicle at 4057 Lee Street in Ayden

See for yourself the amazing deals and vehicles we have available in our collection. Browse through the various, currently available used models on this page. You can use the toolbars on your screen to search by make, model, price, and more, until you've narrowed down your options to suit your specific needs. Reach out to our sales team in Ayden or visit us in person to set up your test drive and begin exploring your financing options soon.